Great Question! Joy Behar Asks Casey Anthony's Attorney If She'd Let Casey Babysit [Video]

She's "not guilty", so would you let Casey Anthony babysit your children?

The countdown to freedom is on. Casey Anthony will be released from jail Sunday after being acquitted on charges that she murdered her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

The outcry after the verdict has been so intense that some are worried for Casey’s safety after her release. Particularly if she chooses to appear on television and make the usual media rounds.

John Kendall, a former U.S. marshal who worked in witness protection, says Anthony will be at high risk for the next few months.

“Is she going to make the tour? Talk shows? Book signings? Public appearances? If she does, then she is at an incredible risk,” Kendall tells USA Today. “If I was handling this case, we would relocate her somewhere else in the country, change her identity and change her appearance.”

Anthony’s plans are not known. Her lawyers did not respond to requests for comment. Although her lawyer, Dorothy Clay Sims did respond to a pretty interesting question from Joy Behar. If she believes in Casey’s innocence so strongly, would she let Casey babysit her children? Sims answer is fascinating. Instead of me writing about it and my opinion, I’ll just let you watch and then we can talk about it in the comments:

Also, would you let Casey Anthony babysit your children?

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