Greeting from Disneyland! Can I get a High Four?


High four at DisneylandPeople who know me personally, know that I love going to Disneyland in the morning.  If I can get to the parks for rope drop (the park’s daily opening ceremony), I am one happy camper.  During last week’s start of Disney’s all nighter, I finally got to that chance to participate in saying hello to the greeters and say “high four!”  Take a look at Sunny’s cool pictures from that morning.

It was the best morning EVER.

So, what is a high four?

A high four is like a high five!  Mickey Mouse only has 4 fingers and these special greeters wear Mickey gloves with, you guessed it, 4 fingers!

The greeters are made up of characters and cast members that line up along Main Street, U.S.A. to greet guest as the come into the parks in the morning.  I made an awesome magical memory that morning. I love Disneyland!

Take a look at what you can experience when you go through a high four line at the happiest place on earth:



Photo Source: Sunny Chanel. Video Source: Disneylandia al Dia.

See you at the Parks!

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