Guilty? Not Me!


supernanny0201_228x237Guilt is the lynch-pin of the holy trinity of daily maternal emotions ( with the others being fear and anxiety).    A recent list of  “31 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Mom Guilt” gives you permission to relax a little!    Even Super Mom needs a cheap thrill now and then.  A few highlights:

Accepting your son’s compliment that you’re a good cook when he’s eating pre-breaded microwave chicken breast.

Being psyched that the best friend you never liked has moved to another state.

Feeling smug when you watch Supernanny.   (Aren’t those kids brats?)

Wiping your daughter’s nose with a panty-liner–the closest thing to a tissue you had in your purse.

Dipping into your son’s good bag when he’s not looking.

Still being really P.O.’d about stretch marks.  It’s your God-given right.

To that I’d add claiming that an 8 p.m. bedtime is a state law and the police are on the lookout for little ones who are not tucked in.