Guitar Hero: No More Encores

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Sorry, kid: game over

Warriors of Rock have left the building.

Guitar Hero, the video game that made air-guitar a real skill and brought kids closer to their totally geeky parents, is no more. Activision announced yesterday it had laid off all 500 members of the Guitar Hero creative team. They have suspended all development on the 2011 game.

Would this be the right time to break out an air violin?

Anyway, the game’s publisher, Activision, sited steeply declining sales for the game, which required players to pound out tunes on a plastic guitar.

True Crime: Hong Kong was also axed from the company’s 2011 development.

How did things get so out of tune for Guitar Hero? Chris Taylor at Mashable says that while Guitar Hero was the first big breakout game of the 21st Century, it was quickly joined by others. The music game genre is saturated. Also, new versions didn’t change much. And finally, one Legends of Rock game? That’s enough challenges on a pretend plastic Gibson to last a lifetime.

Keep on rockin’.


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