Gun in a School Guy Says "I Never Though About It"


donald-daggettThere are idiots and then there’s this guy! An upstate New York man who brought a loaded weapon into a school building, prompting a lockdown, says he never even thought about it.

Really? You didn’t think a gun on school premises was sort of a bad idea? Scratch that, reverse it. You didn’t think a LOADED gun on school premises was sort of a bad idea?

Donald Daggett showed up at the Tri-Valley Central School to complain about school kids driving too fast near his house. He was already talking to the principal in his office when he announced he had a loaded gun with him. Why? According to the Times Herald Record, Daggett told state police he thought the principal would call the kids into the office for a dressing down – and he didn’t want them to be uncomfortable with him because he had a gun.

But the principal and the students in grades K through twelve who walked past you wouldn’t be uncomfortable?

This sounds like one out of the Darwin Awards, albeit with a happier ending than most of their stories. And although Daggett is now facing charges, school officials agree there was no real intent to hurt kids in this incident.

Do you think twice before taking things onto school grounds – be it a gun, a cigarette, what have you?

Image: Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

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