Guy Loses Stepson While Buying Drugs


Man Loses Stepson While Buying DrugsA man in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania went out to pick up some illegal drugs. He brought his six-year-old stepson with him. He parked the car, gets out, buys what he needs to buy. But he forgot where he parked.

According to a report on, Dino Vicente was “very hostile, confused and incoherent” when he approached a police officer and told them that he “couldn’t find his Subaru or his 6-year-old stepson.” He left the kid in the car while he went to buy drugs. I mention that again in case it wasn’t clear.

This was at 4:30am on Saturday morning. They found the boy two hours later “about a half-mile away.” He was fine and was returned to his mother. Vicente was charged with “endangering the welfare of a child and recklessly endangering another person.” (Not that it matters, but that sounds like he’s being charged twice for the same crime. Is the “another person” the car? Bad joke.)

The last time I suggested possible bad parenting I was poo-poohed. (In other words, most of you disagreed with me.) How about now?


Image: SXC (No idea if he was buying marijuana, I just used this image because it seemed appropriate.)