Half Price Abortions in China


Half Price Abortions in China AdvertisedPro-life, pro-choice, wherever you stand in the abortion debate, I think we can perhaps all agree that a hospital advertising “half price abortions if you show your student ID” crosses a line.

A hospital in China is offering just such a deal. According to Shanghaiist, a hospital in Chongqing is running the following ad:

“Students are our future, but when something happens to them, who will help and protect them? Chongqing Huaxi Women’s Hospital has started Students Care Month, where those students who come to get an abortion can get 50% off if they show their student ids. Abortion surgeries are the most advanced in the world, won’t stretch (your womb), won’t hurt, it’s quick, and you can do what you want afterwards, it won’t affect your studies or your work.”

(Note: the above is a translation, according to Shanghaiist, of the ad pictured below.)


(Note: the above is my comment on the ad.)

Here is the ad. Click to see it in full size.

Half Price Abortions in China Advertised

Source: Shanghaiist via MomLogic