Halloween at the Cyrus House: Totally Creepy


noah-cyrusI’m well aware that the inappropriate sexualization of the Cyrus sisters is old news by now, but I just can’t stop being horrified by it.

Miley’s little sister Noah recently attended a fund-raising Halloween gala in a costume that would be scandalous for a thirty-year-old married woman. Noah is nine.

Unfortunately, the photo to the right is just the grade schooler in her usual get-up, which is far less disturbing than her vampire (I think?) costume, which is below.

The contrast of the missing teeth with the bright lipstick and heavy eyeliner breaks my heart a little. What’s so sad, too, is that she’s at the perfect age to have tons of fun creating her own costume–not just putting on a skimpy dress and makeup and calling it a costume. She’ll have all of her twenties to do that, if she so desires.

Perhaps the saddest thing about this is that Noah is surely not the only fourth grader wearing a highly sexualized costume without any notion of its implications. Walking past clothing and party stores in the past few weeks, I’ve been horrified by the displays of costumes for kids.

I just hope that if you come across any nurses and witches out there tonight, they’re not wearing mini skirts and fishnets–and if they are, they’re at a cocktail party.


Photos: Huffington Post