Halloween Was CANCELED! Well, in Some Parts of the Country


Braden's Halloween Trick or Treat bagAll year long kids nationwide — from coast to coast — anxiously wait for October 31st, the day when we — as a country — celebrate Halloween. But while my California kid got to indulge in candy collecting and costume donning, her peers in places like parts of New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maine had to go without trick-or-treating … for now, at least.

A surprise storm hit the Northeast, leaving families not just without power, but with dangerous roads, oodles of snow and not a chance for the traditional Halloween eve festivities. So what happens now?

Many communities have opted to postpone Halloween. Instead of doing All Hallow’s Eve on Monday, October 31st, various towns will be getting into their costumes and begging for candy on Friday, November 4th, instead. Other places have opted to delay it even further, like Charlton, Mass. which has postponed Halloween to November 8th. Other places just canceled trick-or-treating altogether without giving a new date.

For us adults, it’s just a different date on the calendar. But for kids, it was probably devastating that they couldn’t enjoy Halloween on October 31st. But whenever Halloween happens, you know it will be sweet — literally.

Was your family’s trick-or-treating affected by the storm?

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