Hands Off! The 8 Germiest Places In America

gas pump germs
Don't touch that gas pump! They're the germiest.

If you ask me, the germiest places in America are kids’ play areas at fast food joints.  But according to a new study I’ve got it wrong. It’s gas pumps!

A survey conducted by a University of Arizona researcher and Kimberly-Clark Professional found 71% of gas pump handles were teeming with germs “most associated with a high risk of illness,” per USA Today. Ewww.

Which other seven places were found to be highly contaminated?

  • Mailbox handles (68%)
  • Escalator railings (43%)
  • ATM buttons (41%)
  • Parking meters and kiosks (40%)
  • Vending machines and crosswalk buttons (35%)

The testing was conducted in six cities by trained hygienists who swabbed surfaces for bacteria and other cells that are thought to transmit viruses and other illnesses.

Seriously, though.  Did they visit a Chuck E. Cheese?  A neighborhood playground?  I know the study was aimed at creating more healthy workplaces, but a mother’s workplace includes these locations.  I’d love to see how high they register on the bacteria scale.

Perhaps we should all invest in gloves. Or disinfectant.

Photo credit: Stockxchng/tome213