Hannah Montana Doll's Got a Potty Mouth


miley-cyrus-192x300There are some of us who wouldn’t be caught dead buying our kid a Hannah Montana doll. Then there are the parents who go on TV and admit it, but complain that their kid’s doll is dropping the F bomb.

They did catch ol’ Miley at the Teen Choice Awards, right?

The flap about the doll is actually quite funny when you watch the news report. The mom says her daughter has been walking around since she got the holiday themed Hannah singing what she thinks the doll is saying – “later we’ll have some f—ing pie and do some caroling.”

Either it’s some really naughty pie or maybe, just maybe, it’s supposed to be “pumpkin?”

You be the judge:

OK, so mom thinks it’s supposed to be “rocking fun?” The kid thinks it’s “f—ing fun” and the real word is “pumpkin.” Now what’s the problem? Oh yeah – some people just can’t believe an electronic recording might be muffled or little kids mispronounce things to comedic effect (my friend’s husband is still disappointed my daughter has learned the proper way to say firetruck).

The kid trying to figure out where the batteries are, by the way, is classic. That could have happened in my house too!

Image: jezebel

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