'Happy Little Clouds': PBS' Bob Ross Re-Mixed on YouTube (Video)

Bob Ross, King of Naptime.

In a follow-up to PBS’ surprisingly poignant, only slightly freaky YouTube re-mix of Mr. Rogers, the audio geniuses at Science of Sound have tackled the soothing sound of Bob Ross. Remember The Joy of Painting? And the happy little clouds?

Before there were Baby Einstein videos to hypnotize your kid with, there was The Joy of Painting. Bob Ross’ mellow voice is basically the auditory equivalent of a lava lamp. I have friends who calm their agitated toddlers with YouTube videos of Bob Ross.

Ross died in 1995 of lymphoma, at the age of 52. His show ran on PBS from 1982-1994.

And here he is again, reassuring us that there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents. And that every day is a good day to paint.



(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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