Happy New Year! Images to Celebrate 2011

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Parents and kids get to start fresh in the new year, too.

Ringing in the new year when you have kids is not quite the same as it was as a carefree singleton.  Sure, you can still get a babysitter and go out dancing, but you have to be careful how much champagne you drink at midnight.  Nothing sounds worse when you have a hangover than cries of, “Mommy!  Come wipe me!!!”

So if you’ll find yourself at home this new year’s eve, watchin’ some tube, you may be inspired by news coverage of new year’s celebrations from around the world.  To me, nothing says “Happy New Year!” like the beauty of fireworks exploding over the skylines of major cities across the globe.  Here are some new year’s images and cards to get you (and your kids) in the mood to greet 2011.

The Boston Globe has a stunning photo collection from the eve of 2010 featuring fireworks displays in London, Malaysia, Beirut, Venice, Berlin and more.  Grab a map and share these images with your kids!  At 5, my daughter is fascinated by learning about other cultures and languages.  Show them a photo, then point to it’s location on a map and discuss how far away you live from where the photo was taken.  If you’ve traveled to London, let’s say, tell your kids a story from your trip.

If you’re looking for something to bring a little new year excitement to your desktop this week while you’re at work, Photobucket has lots of random Happy New Year 2011 images for use.  The website Ojolie has some gorgeous e-cards and images you can send to wish someone a Happy New Year.  And of course, someecards has a hilarious section of new year’s cards featuring throwback images accompanied by witty commentary that will have you laughing about 2011 before it even starts.