Happy Star Wars Day! When is Your Child Ready to Watch This Classic?

When Are Kids Ready for Star Wars?

Happy Star Wars Day! Yes, May 4th was been deemed the unofficial day to celebrate all things Star Wars. Why May 4th? Well that’s easy to answer. It’s a pun based on the iconic phrase “May the force be with you.” Get it? May/force = May/fourth. Will you be celebrating the day with a viewing of the film? And will your kids watch too? If so, when is the right age to see Star Wars for the first time?

One thing about Star Wars, kids, they love it. And they have for the last thirty years. We played Star Wars when I was a kid and a generation later, at my daughter’s preschool the boys play Star Wars pretty much every day. Seriously, every day! But what I find interesting, not all of these boys have seen the film but some have seen it a dozen or more times. Those who are well versed in the lore of Star Wars pass on their Jedi knowledge to those uninitiated. Not unlike a Yoda to a Luke.

But is Star Wars appropriate for young children? That is ultimately a decision that is best left to the parents so there is not right or wrong answer. Many see the violence and the complex and adult concepts as being too much for a young mind and opt to wait until they are older. Other parents are so in awe of the Star Wars films that they just aren’t patient enough to wait until their kids are older. And some, they cave in to the pressure of their offspring who beg and plead to see the film since ALL the kids are preschool or elementary school are talking about it and playing it. Our own Rebecca Odes (along with Ceridwen Morris) talked to a child development expert and professor of psychology to get their suggestion on Star Wars readiness which you can find right here.

How old do you think a child needs to be before they see Star Wars?

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