Harold Camping Warns the World Will End May 21, 2011

harold camping, may 21 2011
Moon collides with earth set for May 21 this year. Duck!

For parents with a less dark/more rational view of how the world works, you might not be aware that the end is nigh.

Consider this your heads-up.

Harold Camping, leader of the independent Christian ministry Family Radio Worldwide, believes he knows when the world will end and he wants you to know it, too.

Gleaning clues from the Bible, Camping says he has calculated the day the world will begin to end and that, New Years 2011 revelers, is May 21, 2011.

On that day of the Rapture, followers of Christ will be taken to heaven. The rest of us will suffer through the Period of Torment.

Then the whole thing — life, the world — will conclude with the end day, which is thought to be sometime in October. (Don’t tell me: Halloween?)

Through his Oakland, Calif.-based broadcast ministry, Harold Camping and his followers are trying to spread the word. So if you’re kid comes home asking what to expect on May 21, that’s what they’re talking about. I don’t want to tramp all over anyone’s beliefs but we’ve been through this reckoning before. And, well, three letters: Y2K.

We’ll be reading about the approaching Judgment Day on billboards,bus stop benches, cars and pamphlets all around the U.S. and in parts of Latin America until, I’m guessing, May 22, 2011.

When your kids start asking why Blade doesn’t worry about turning in homework because “it’s all over in a couple of months anyway,”
it would probably be a good time to share your perspective. Mine? It’s been the beginning of the end since the day each of us was born. Folks have been sweating over the Rapture for centuries. And using dates, such as the year Israel was established and other numbers here and there in the Bible to offer “proof” of ones beliefs is an old and often effective trick that we see all the time, especially polling on behalf of political groups.

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