Hate-filled Speech in the Name of Politics and 'Beliefs' Needs to Stop (VIDEO)


If you are a political junkie, you had a lot to keep you busy this week.  And so much of it was extremely polarizing.  Whether you were mourning the death of Andrew Breitbart, you were monitoring the birth control health care debate or your jaw was dropping as Rush Limbaugh spewed a hateful rant at a Law Student, you had plenty to keep your liberal and conservative blood pumping.

But I don’t want to talk left or right.  I want to talk LANGUAGE.  I want to talk leading by example… or rather NOT leading by example.  As a parent, I have long known my children DO as I DO before they DO as I SAY.  And this week we say people who didn’t agree with Andrew Breitbart dance on his grave and Rush Limbaugh call a young woman names that shouldn’t be uttered.

I’m horrified by both sides. No wonder we are struggling to teach our children to respect each other when we, as adults, can’t seem to do it.

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