Haunted Cereals for Halloween Breakfast


missyredboots002_320x240Planning healthy, interesting meals for your family that they’ll actually eat is always a challenge.  More so if you’re planning your meals around a holiday such as the upcoming Halloween.  The Syfy channel’s Sci Fi Wire website has you covered for breakfast, however, with a list of 15 haunted cereals that will scare your kids’ dentist as much as your kids.

Most of these are limited edition cereals put out for Halloweens past or tie-ins to movies or television shows, but some, like Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry, may still be available on your grocer’s shelves.  If not, Amazon offers all three in packs of 12 boxes.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure any of these breakfast options really qualify as healthy (though they certainly have the interesting part covered).  In fact, what with all the food coloring and sugar in these cereals, it may very well be that the scariest part comes from reading the list of ingredients.

Photo: missyredboots

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