Have You Ever Let Your Child or a Friend Ride Without a Booster Seat?

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Have you ever let a child ride without a booster?

In a recent survey by the AAP, “half of the 1,612 parents of 4- to 8-year-olds questioned said they sometimes let passengers and their own kids go booster free if not every child is using one,” according to TODAY. I only have one child and I only have one car, so I only have one booster seat. I’ll admit that I once let my daughter and one of her friends go buckled-but-booster-free so that the youngest child with us could ride protected.

My daughter and her friend are both 6 and the youngest child with us was 4. I also let my daughter ride booster-free this weekend so a 3-year-old could have the booster. Each trip only lasted a few blocks. Booster seats are required in New York State through age 8, though at that age I was riding in the front seat without a seat belt. Not that the, uh, loose atmosphere we experienced in cars as children was right, but on a quick trip without extra boosters, what’s a mom to do? I’m sure many city moms allow their children to ride in taxis without booster seats. I mean, it’s not like booster seats are uber-portable.

On a related note, did you know that “for added safety beyond most state laws, the AAP encourages boosters for any child shorter than 57 inches?” That’s the average height of an 11-year-old.

Have you ever taken a quick trip without a booster for all of the kids in your car who needed one?

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