Have You Heard About 9-Year-Old Cocaine Cowboy Lil Poopy?

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Lil Poopy.

Out of nowhere, my Facebook feed was inundated last night with a 9-year-old’s rap video. The video for Pop That RMX is by the artist “Lil Poopy” who also calls himself the “Cocaine Cowboy.” The song’s central message is “coke ain’t a bad word,” which I guess is meant to convey that a 9-year-old can covertly get away with rapping about cocaine because we’re all supposed to pretend he’s talking about the soft drink? Okay.

Jezebel notes that Child Protective Services is looking into what’s going on at home with Lil Poopy, which is probably a good thing. Lil Poopy’s lawyer, Joseph Krowski, says Lil Poopy’s lyrics are protected by the first amendment, adding, “I would absolutely let one of my children participate in the videos, if they had that type of talent.” (Sounds to me like Krowski is a lil bit full of sh.) Also, letting your kid appear in a music video and encouraging him to be a hip-hop star who raps about cocaine and baller life at age 9 are not the same thing.

Further to that point, Jezebel’s Lindy West says, “It seems to me like free speech and child neglect/endangerment are two separate issues. If you write a smooth acoustic folk jam about beating your kids, and you actually are beating your kids, you’re not going to get arrested for singing your folk jam—you’re going to get arrested for beating your kids. Right? So it’s not Lil Poopy’s speech that’s the problem, it’s that his parents feel totally okay sexualizing a 9-year-old and then profiting from that sexualization.”

Guys. There is too much sexualization of 9-year-old black children happening this week. Let’s stop the madness. Here’s the video. The beat is terrible, but Poopy’s flow is decent. If only he were rhyming about Disney channel shows and not spanking the booties of hos. Sigh.

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