Hazards of the Mobile Office


On the road.

I’ve got 30 minutes to crank out a couple of posts, check email, put out fires before going into radio silence.

Finally located a Starbucks. Thank you, Google Maps.

Order my tea. Where’s the outlet? Oh good. Guy is leaving, can plug in. Start writing…

“Sharon!” Get up. Get tea.

Start writing…

What was I writing about?

“I’ll be home for Christmas…”

That’s not what I was thinking. Ugh. Right under the speaker.

Okay… focus!

Crud. I have to pee. Pack up stuff. Wait for new table near outlet.

Start writing.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“”Grande non-fat chai!!!”

Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrr. For the love of… can no one order anything that requires the steamer?!

Start writing.

“She didn’t really want to go with him. She just wanted a date.” What?!

OMG! Shhhhhh, nice ladies at next table. Can’t you tell I’m trying to WORK here?!?!

Okay. Focus.

Start writing… Hazards of the Mobile Office…

You know what? This says it best… Soundtrack from “my office”