He Said/She Said

Sex in the Parent Hood. How much sex are parents really having?

Parenting is hard.  Duh.  Not only is parenting hard, but maintaining a good relationship with your parenting partner can be really difficult.  Think about it, you thought sharing a bathroom with that one jerkface in college sucked, try parenting with someone!  It is the most important thing you’ll do.  So when two people have such different parenting styles, trouble can ensue.

My husband and I have started writing a series over on Dadding called He Said/She Said and I wanted to invite you over to watch us in action.  I say “watch” because we are posting videos.

Yes!  Now you can hear my lisp.

Last week we weighed in on our different parenting styles.  The Free Range Mom Vs. The Helicopter Dad.

This week we walked about Sex In The Parent Hood.  Are parents really doing IT as much as they say they are?  We aren’t.

See for yourself.  Click on over and watch us discuss the sex lives of parents after kids.