He Should Have Put a Ring On It: Boy Cries Because He Doesn't Want to Marry Girl [VIDEO]

Why she'd want to marry someone who so clearly doesn't want her is a different issue entirely

It’s not unusual to hear about men dragging their feet to the altar. But this might be the first documented case of a little boy kicking and screaming his way out of an engagement — about 13 or so years before he can legally marry.

Two elementary school-age kids have gone viral thanks to a YouTube video of them having a screaming match about getting married. She’s all for it. He’s not. In fact, he’s so against the partnership that he kicks, screams and cries while she calmly insists they will wed.

While the little boy might have some commitment issues, at least he’ll never be accused of leading her on.

Check out the video:


Image: YouTube

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