Top 50 Workout Products for Mom

When Babble first asked me to put together a list of the top 50 workout products for moms, my mind was flooded with dozens of tools, sites, and gadgets. As a mom to an 18-month-old and women's personal trainer, I know what works and what definitely does not. I also know that working out needs to be something you can do on the go or during naptime. While I've certainly wasted money on my fair share of pointless exercise equipment in the past (no, the Shake Weight did not make this list), now you won't have to. These top 50 products will make shaping up this summer a piece of cake, or, uh, whole-wheat toast.
- Sarah Bregel

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Lululemon Tata Tamer Sports Bra

Top 50 Workout Products for Mom - Lululemon Tata Tamer Sports Bra



Lululemon Tata Tamer Sports Bra’s Rankings

After doing jumping jacks and high knees in the dressing room (two exercises I frequently skip due to too much jiggling), I walked out of the Lululemon store empowered by my purchase of the Tata Tamer. “This is seriously going to change my life!” I said more than once. Though my husband thought I was being dramatic, I think anyone larger than a C-cup understands the thrill of finding such comfort and support in a sports bra. Your breasts don’t spill out from the sides, and they’re not smashed together or flattened. Since buying the bra, all I really want to do is work out so I can wear my Tata Tamer, which makes this the best and most motivating exercise product.

Get it from: Lululemon, $58

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