Hear That? Facebook Tests Out Alert Noise


Notice an odd pinging sound when you have Facebook open?

Yep, Facebook has been testing out a new notification noise. As I tend to keep multiple windows open, it took me forever to figure out that Facebook was the culprit behind the constant pinging I was hearing.

It’s not a big sound really a tiny, tinny noise so at first I thought it was my phone (it actually sounds a lot like an iPhone noise) but I’ve tracked it down and figured out how to turn it off.

If you are part of the test group and want to shut the noise off, here’s how you do it.

1. Go to Facebook (der).

2. Go to your profile.

3. Go into your settings.

4. Click on notifications.

5. Under “How You Get Notifications” click “View.”

6. Unclick “Play a sound each time a notification is received.”

7. Return to silent bliss.

You’re welcome!

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