Heat Wave Hits US, High School Cellphone Searches, and More


Is it hot enough for ya?  The current heat wave — which is hitting NYC with a broiling 103 degrees — is expected to last all week. — Business Week

Forget locker searches.  Today’s high-tech teens have a new personal rights battle to fight:  cellphones.  In light of the latest news on cyberbullying, some are wondering if schools should have the right to search cellphones, too. — Well

It seems like sometimes, no matter how many times you say it, there are just some rules kids are bound to keep breaking.  One dad mad a list of all the things he said in a day to his toddler, and discovered he’s basically saying the same things over and over again.  Do you ever feel like a broken record? — Motherlode

A pregnant Alicia Keys fell during her last concert before maternity leave, worrying fans her baby could be harmed.  All is well for both mother and baby, though.  Pregnant women are prone to falls due to a changing center of gravity.  Did you ever fall during pregnancy? — Momlogic

Ten years of marriage have taught me that being married is much different than I thought it would be on the day I said, “I do.”  Momversation celebrates love, marriage, and all things relationship in their latest post.

Photo: kevindooley, Flickr

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