Help Sesame Street Break One Billion YouTube Views

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Help Sesame Street break one billion views!

If the Sesame Street YouTube channel can get to one billion (!!!) views, it will be the first nonprofit and/or U.S. children’s media outlet to reach this milestone. To help reach this goal, Telly Monster is campaigning for the channel to gain the last views it needs. The channel’s only 20 million hits away! No big deal. I mean, America loves Big Bird as much as we love Justin Bieber, right?

Once the one billion mark is reached, Sesame Street will release a “Top Secret” video, and considering some of the amazing stuff they’ve released in the past (I Love My Hair, Cookie Monster Call Me Maybe), you know it’s going to be good! So click on this video of Telly, below, and then watch a few more videos to spread the word to America’s politicians and wealthy benefactors (ahem, Romney) that PBS and its programming is essential viewing!


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