Here's to the Moms: Google Celebrates Mother's Day with Heartwarming New Ad (VIDEO)

Google Mother's Day ad
Two of the moms featured in Google’s Mother’s Day ad

Expectant moms, new moms, lesbian moms, dancing moms, laughing moms, playful moms, adoptive moms, moms of gay sons, moms of soldiers, proud moms, silly moms, supportive moms, emotional moms — Google found a poignant way to celebrate them all in just :60. And just in time for Mother’s Day.

It’s not the first time an ad about moms will bring a tear to your eye. Remember this ad? How about this one? Or this one?

But the Google ad (that we first saw on feels a bit more inclusive to all moms — it’s not just about moms of athletes or breastfeeding moms. It brings alternative families into the mix without jumping up and down and patting themselves on the back for not discriminating. It shows moms as one category, which is as lovers of their children. Period. Which is how it should be.

This isn’t your mother’s (day) Google Doodle. Take a look:



Photo/video credit: Google/YouTube

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