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Hey Doritos, Child Violence Isn't Funny

By jeannesager |

doritosSince the Super Bowl, I’ve been waiting for someone to complain about the Doritos commercial featuring a child slapping an adult. And waiting, and waiting.

Instead I’ve found a lot of people gushing because apparently watching a pre-schooler slap someone across the face is absolutely hilarious. You know, unless it really happened.

In fact, the few times my daughter has slapped me across the face I have marched her upstairs for a time out in her room. It didn’t take many of those to put a permanent end to the face slap.

Even in the debate over spanking parents vs. non-spanking parents, I’ve found most are pretty much on board that slapping someone across the face is never OK. It’s demeaning. What’s more – its an act that has earned kids a pair of metal bracelets in the past. For adults, it’s often a characteristic of domestic violence cases.

So how did the video below become the most popular Super Bowl ad?

Simple: we still love watching someone get hurt. And as one of only two U.N. nations that gives the OK to spanking, we certainly don’t have a problem with violence and kids.

So think about that next time you complain that your kids are being exposed to too much violence via video games.

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0 thoughts on “Hey Doritos, Child Violence Isn't Funny

  1. baconsmom says:

    And it’s disgustingly sexist to boot. What a winner, Doritos.

  2. Eric says:

    Boy if this gets you that upset you’d hate these guys:
    Oh when will we wake up to the infinite wisdom of the UN? Only then can we hope to have the quality of child care of other UN members like Rawanda, China, and North Korea.

  3. KellyK says:

    So where do you stop it? Toy Story has slapping of the face, Madagascar an old lady gets beat up, Finding Nemo has slapping of the (fish) face, I could go on…Shrek, Kung Fo Panda…maybe most kids don’t watch those?
    Doritos is not being highly original here. I was much more concerned with how sexist the ad is.

  4. Bri529 says:

    I am sorry, but people need to lighten up. That is what is wrong with this world! People read into EVERYTHING and find some way to twist it into something it’s not. I thought the Doritos commercial was quite funny. I guess that makes me sexist and a supporter of child violence. Great!

  5. KellyK says:

    @bri529 – I should have said in my comment that I thought it was funny despite myself. I am right there with you as a support of both myself since I did laugh and our party watched it twice.

  6. Amanda says:

    All the Doritos commericals were stupid this year. They weren’t that creative or entertaining. The Snickers Betty While commerical, in the other hand, was great!

  7. Allison says:

    How sad for you all, not to have a sense of humor.

  8. Bec says:

    And how sad for you, to think kids hitting people is funny. Where do YOU draw the line? Is it still funny when the four year old is 19 and slapping girls?

  9. Trey says:

    I think the context of the commercial is what made it uneasy. It wasn’t funny, though that was the intent. Stooges, and Pixar use it in a more comical manner. Doritos just didn’t work.
    And, to correct a previous poster, the old lady in Madagascar was the one beating the animals up, not getting beat up.

  10. Anonimon says:

    Oh yeah. In Madigascar, the two male lions kidnap the old lady, steal her purse, and drag her across Africa. The penguins hit her with a car. We all need to get a grip and learn to laugh a little.

  11. Eric says:

    Trey, I’ll take unfunny. I’m just don’t think it’s promoting child violence.

  12. Lucky says:

    I thought the commercial was tasteless on a lot of levels.

  13. DCMama says:

    Sheesh. And how about a few negative racial stereotypes while we’re at it. Single black mom — who looks barely out of her teens, “jive talkin” date who leers at mom, pre-schooler playing video games and eating a giant bowl of junk food…

    Doritos? Get out of the 1970s much?

  14. GP says:

    Hmmm…I thought it was cute. A kid looking after his momma. It’s a commercial for crappy chips. Get over it.

  15. GP says:

    I think y’all are looking at through privileged white-people eyes.

  16. Nick says:

    I believe you may find the website interesting to check out. It discusses the link between violence and video games and features academic articles and quotes by experts on both sides of the issue.

  17. Manjari says:

    I agree with DCMama.

  18. Eric says:

    @GP: Can you elaborate on “I think y’all are looking at through privileged white-people eyes.”?

  19. GP says:

    That so many people find this so appalling means they are trying to find something to kvetch about. At face value—and that’s all it should be taken at, since it is just a commercial—it is funny, and, dare I say, CUTE. The child is not having violence put upon him, he is telling off this dude, who is coming in to HIS house, and wanting to date HIS momma, that he better watch his step. He is being a little man. I think this is something that the coddled, white middle class doesn’t get. I think that the commercial is keeping it light and most people without a (made up) cross to bear would just take it as light and funny.

    The real sadness behind, this, if any, are the statistics of how many injured or killed toddlers suffer at the hands of boyfriends of their moms. So often when I read a tragic story of child abuse (or worse) it’s the boyfriend or step dad. Also, I think its alot to ask a kid to accept some other dude coming into his family and wondering what this new dude’s role is. Will the child have to mind this new man? What’s the story. I like the way this commercial turns that on its head and empowers the boy.

  20. GP says:

    At least they show this in the context of the single mom having a smokin’ crib, so she must be doing something right…

    Look, commercials are SHORT, they have to paint with broad brushstrokes, they’re not going to be subtle Oscar winning dramas…

  21. Eric says:

    Thanks for expanding on that GP. Its a wonder to me how so many people make it through this life that get bent out of shape by every little thing. Then again, I wouldn’t call myself ‘coddled’ ;)

  22. laraine says:

    Actually, I was wondering why nobody complained that they are presenting a stereotype of African American women raising their kids alone.

  23. AM says:

    Heh. I get bent out of shape when “progress” is joining an international bureaucracy that does nothing to actually improve the on the ground conditions for children. (However, it would up-end 200 years+ of tradition US, which as a unique approach to family laws.) Or creating laws that are acceptable to ignore, yeah, that’s great “progress”, too.

    Also, there’s some evidence appearing that video games *reduce* violence because potential offenders tend to be inside with something to do.

    But yeah, that 30 second Doritos commercial is very offensive, which everyone will have forgotten in 6 months.

  24. Jessica says:

    This was just a commercial. In no way did Doritos up and say, “oh well we think its okay for a child to abuse an adult” It was all meant in good humor. It is called a sense of humor. It is almost like when your little one gets to the age 2 or 3 and says a cuss word, they dont know what it means, even if they do use it in the right context, they are just repeating what they heard. This little boy is only doing what is told, and There is absolutley NO malevolent violence. The little boy is looking out for his momma if anything. And if you watch it, the grown man says with him, put it back. If you don’t agree that is fine you have your opinions but you cannot always assume the company promoting wants to be perceived as sexists violent biggots, ever. They do it because it makes MOST of America laugh.

  25. Taco Salad says:

    This is stupid. Get over yourself. If you have a child abusing you as an adult, you’re dumb.

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