Hey Doritos, Child Violence Isn't Funny


doritosSince the Super Bowl, I’ve been waiting for someone to complain about the Doritos commercial featuring a child slapping an adult. And waiting, and waiting.

Instead I’ve found a lot of people gushing because apparently watching a pre-schooler slap someone across the face is absolutely hilarious. You know, unless it really happened.

In fact, the few times my daughter has slapped me across the face I have marched her upstairs for a time out in her room. It didn’t take many of those to put a permanent end to the face slap.

Even in the debate over spanking parents vs. non-spanking parents, I’ve found most are pretty much on board that slapping someone across the face is never OK. It’s demeaning. What’s more – its an act that has earned kids a pair of metal bracelets in the past. For adults, it’s often a characteristic of domestic violence cases.

So how did the video below become the most popular Super Bowl ad?

Simple: we still love watching someone get hurt. And as one of only two U.N. nations that gives the OK to spanking, we certainly don’t have a problem with violence and kids.

So think about that next time you complain that your kids are being exposed to too much violence via video games.

Image: Amazon

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