Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Could Bust a Move at Age 10

Hey girl. Can you believe I was this awesome in fifth grade?

Oh. My. Gah.

A video has surfaced of Ryan Gosling crooning “When a Man Loves a Woman” like a boss at a talent show at age ten. Taken at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Cornwall, Ontario, the video had been gathering dust in the basement of a family friend for two decades. This talent show occurred two years before the heartthrob landed a slot on the Mickey Mouse Club.

Talk about a natural-born performer. Can I just tell you that I suffered through three freaking hours of my kids’ elementary school talent show this spring, and there was nothing this good? Sorry, kids, but seriously.

Rocking black MC Hammer pants and a blue and red silk shirt, Mr. Gosling also busts some crazy moves with his older sister Mandi.

Plus, I’m pretty sure I hear women in the audience screaming. Check it out:


(Photo Credit: YouTube screen cap with added nonsense by Joslyn Gray for Strollerderby)

(via: Yahoo!)

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