Hi Neighbor, Your Xmas Lights Are Actually in Honor of a Pagan Sun God

Christmas Lights for a Pagan Sun God?

So, you’re all filled with the spirit of the holiday. You get a tree. You hang a wreath. And then you do something really outrageous,  you put up strands of lights on the outside of your house, just like countless others do each and every year. But you? You get a letter informing your family that what you thought was just a Christmas light display is actually honoring the “Pagan Sun-God.”  This is just what happened to those who dared put up Christmas lights in areas of Hudsonville, Michigan.

The letter  – as ABC News reported – started nicely enough saying, “Hi Neighbor, you have a nice display of lights,” but then started in on the whole pagan-Christmas tradition origins, which are well documented.  The note also went on to talk about mistletoe, wreaths and yule-logs and their non-Christmas related origins. While the letter writer’s intention may have been to merely educate their neighbors, the anonymous note was seen more as annoying, a slight against those who thought they were paying tribute to Jesus but were being told they were being more pagan.

Do you think this “neighbor” went too far? Was a note really necessary?

Image: Morgue Files

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