Hidden Treasures: Disney World Unveils New Tangled-themed Scavenger Hunt

You’ve heard of Hidden Mickey, but how about Hidden Pascal? Now you can play a game of hide and seek with Rapunzel’s favorite side-kick at Walt Disney World! Inside Magic Kingdom Park is a newly renovated area that looks exactly like a scene out of Tangled. Lanterns, frying pans, sun flags, and Rapunzel’s Tower adorn this magical corner of the park. It’s also a nice place to sit down, use the restrooms, and recharge your batteries. (Literally — there are charging stations in this area.) The waterfall is definitely a highlight and a great picturesque spot to stop and pose with your family. But you may not know about the hidden game there just waiting to be discovered!

Everyone loves Pascal, Rapunzel’s best friend and comedic pet chameleon in the movie, Tangled. Chameleons are specially made to blend in with their surroundings. It helps to keep them safe from predators. They can change colors to match the atmosphere that they are in, making them very hard to spot. Disney played off of their ninja hiding skills and placed 10 (from what we were told by a Cast Member) chameleons throughout the Tangled rest area. This is a great scavenger hunt for children and adults alike. Play this fun game of finding Pascal and his chameleon buddies, with these far away and close up photos in this gallery. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Those lizards sure know how to hide!

  • Can you find the Hidden Pascal? 1 of 22
    Find Pascal the Chameleon

    Take a few minutes out next time you visit Magic Kingdom to search for Pascal and his friends, hidden in the Tangled rest area in Fantasyland. Won't be visiting any time soon?  Just check out these photos to play along at home.

  • Look for Pascal and Friends! 2 of 22
    Where's Pascal from Tangled

    Look for friends of Pascal in the scenery, hidden among all the flowers and greenery.

  • Can you find Pascal? 3 of 22
    Where's Pascal

    Can you find the Chameleon in this photo?

  • There he is! 4 of 22
    Can You Spot Pascal?

    You did it! You found him! Hooray for you! Click to the next photo for Chameleon #2.

  • Do you see him? 5 of 22
    Where's Pascal from Tangled

    Look up in the trees. Look up at the leaves! There's a chameleon hiding, try to find him with ease.

  • Found him! 6 of 22
    Finding Pascal from Tangled

    Up on the wooden post, you found him! Well done! Let's see if the next pic is as hard to find as this one.

  • Look closely! 7 of 22
    Pascal Hide and Seek

    Look by the stream, down by the rocks. You'll find another, but he's harder to spot!

  • Spotted! 8 of 22
    Pascal Hide and Seek

    This one is bright green and blends in with the moss. But you still found him, you're just "like a boss!"

  • Where, oh where? 9 of 22
    Where's Pascal from Tangled

    Not too many places to hide in this pic. You may find yourself wondering, is this some kind of trick?

  • Eye spy! 10 of 22
    Where's Pascal from Tangled

    You found this one hiding on the window sill. There are still more to find, are you getting your fill?

  • This is tricky! 11 of 22
    Where's Pascal from Tangled

    Look high and look low, you've only got a few more to go!

  • Got him! 12 of 22
    Where's Pascal from Tangled

    You're getting very good at playing hide and seek. Click on the next one, go ahead, take a peek!

  • Found another one! 13 of 22
    Where's Pascal from Tangled

    Here is the last chameleon that we could find. We hope to find more of Pascal's friends next time!

    Keep clicking through for more photos of the Tangled rest area!

  • Corona Marketplace 14 of 22
    Tangled Inspired Area

    Looks just like the Village in Corona, the city that surrounds the Castle in Tangled.

  • Village in Corona 15 of 22
    The Village in Corona

    Stroll along the village of Corona in the Tangled designed area of Fantasyland.

  • The perfect spot for photos! 16 of 22
    Rapunzel's Tower at Magic Kingdom

    A waterfall, rocks and Rapunzel's Tower make a magical backdrop for your family photo!

  • Rapunzel’s Tower 17 of 22
    Rapunzel Tower at Magic Kingdon

    The beautiful tower where Rapunzel grew up.

  • Lantern in Rapunzel’s Village 18 of 22
    The Famous Lantern in Tangled

    Rapunzel's sun graphic are stenciled on all things in the town. It makes for lively and lovely decor, bright as the sun.

  • Flynn Rider’s Satchel 19 of 22
    Satchel that belongs to Flynn Rider

    After you find Pascal and friends, see if you can find the satchel carried by Flynn Rider.

  • Sun Flags 20 of 22
    Tangled Flags with Sun

    The flags in the town display the famous sun, a beautiful graphic shown throughout Tangled.

  • Rapunzel’s Frying Pan 21 of 22
    Rapunzel's Frying Pan

    Who knew that this simple kitchen tool would make such a perfect weapon?

  • Maximus 22 of 22
    Maximus Sign from Tangled

    "Kingdom Staff Only" are allowed behind this door.


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