High Carcinogen Levels in Children of Smokers

Do you smoke around your children?
Do you smoke around your children?

Do you smoke around your children?

If you do, a new study suggests your little one could have high levels of tobacco carcinogens in their system.

While the size of this recent study done by the American Association for Cancer Research was small in size; only including 79 U.S. children, between the ages of one month, to ten years old – the findings are alarming for all parents.  It shows a very serious and direct impacts second-hand smoke has on young children, as well as their future health.

Out of the children studied the average level of tobacco carcinogens were about 8 percent of the level found in their smoking parent or parents.

Janet L. Thomas an assistant professor of behavioral medicine at the University of Minnesota discussed the finding of the American Association of Cancer Research :

This finding is striking, because while all of the researchers involved in this study expected some level of exposure to carcinogens, the average levels were higher than what we anticipated.

It is also noted that the level of these same carcinogens in nonsmoking adults are much lower than in the children studied – estimated to be around 1 to 5% of other smoking adults. Again showing us how much more serious second-hand smoke is to children.

These findings also fuel the debate of smoking around children. Some states have even gone as far to ban smoking around children, including in private homes and enclosed vehicles. Something I fully support as a parent because of the serious nature second-hand smoke, and the threat is poses to our children.

What do you think about this study, and parents not being legally allowed to smoke around their children?

For more information on second-hand smoke please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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