High Tech in the High Chair: 20-Month-Old Buys $200 Worth of iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps Add Up!

Note to self —- make sure to have a password on your iPhone. If not, those agile little toddler hands may just slyly order apps that you had no intention of buying. And those apps? They can be expensive. Just ask the parents of 20-month-old London Hall.

London, unbeknownst to her parents, bought not one but two iPhone apps for a whopping $100 each.  Her mom didn’t notice until she opened her bill and saw the charges. “I just stood their with my mouth open. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,” London’s mother Holly Hall told a local news station. Dad Jeff Hall said, “we got outsmarted by a 20-month-old.” But added, “you have to be impressed with her ability to problem solve and to work her way through things. But ultimately you kind of feel suckered a little bit.”

The couple were able to get the charges removed. But they did learn a valuable lesson. Password protect those phones!

Have your kids ever bought any apps without your permission?

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