Hilarious! Christopher Walken Reads "Where The Wild Things Are" (Video)

Christopher Walken reads Where the Wild Things Are
Christopher Walken Reads "Where the Wild Things Are"

If you’re wild about celebrities reading children’s books, then give this one a listen: Christopher Walken reads “Where The Wild Things Are” in this hilarious video.

When Walken (well, someone doing an excellent impersonation, anyway) doesn’t have text to read, he improvises a bit about what’s going on in the illustrations.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, but Christopher Walken’s interpretation of the story is too funny, with gems like:

“And there’s a bear strung up… I assume murdered, maybe a suicide….”

“I don’t think he’s really gonna eat him [the dog]… but, you know, kids are jerks.”

“There are bugs on the earth… oh wait they’re plants…with bug ears. I don’t know why they have bug ears.”

“The kid is kind of a jerk. I think that’s the point you’re supposed to get.”

It’s definitely worth a listen all the way through. I’d love to hear the real Christopher Walken read “Where The Wild Things Are” – I wonder if he would be as funny as this guy.

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