Hilarious! Elf on the Shelf in Compromising Positions

elf on the
Poor hangover elf!

Getting tired of coming up with new places to put your Elf on the Shelf?

Clever Jill Williams Krause of the blog Babyrabies decided to take a funny look at what kind of Elf on the Shelf positions might traumatize the children.  I found myself laughing out loud at these photos she created and I know you will too.  (Be sure to visit her blog to see the other photos she posted!)  Check these out:

  • Elf On A Bender 1 of 5
    Elf On A Bender
    Jill says this elf is, "... sick of Santa not believing in his dream of becoming a Vegas Showgirl, so he drowns his sorrows in your mom and dad's booze and pills ..."
  • Crime Scene Elf 2 of 5
    Crime Scene Elf
    Apparently, elf boy was on his way to murder Santa so Blitzen, "... had to gouge his eyes out with his antler."
  • Hangover Elf 3 of 5
    Hangover Elf
    Jill says this elf, "... woke up in a pile of lacy satin with a raging headache and had to make a mad dash for the john."
  • Christmas Fight Club Elf 4 of 5
    Christmas Fight Club Elf
    I decided to get in on the action myself with my smartphone camera. This poor elf is getting a Fight Club beat down at the hands of our nutcracker.
  • Attack Elf 5 of 5
    Attack Elf
    My elf took out all the sweet children in the Snow Village.

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