Hilarious! Museum of Bad Art Gives Your Kid's Artwork a Run for Its (Ugly) Money (PHOTOS)

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there’s definitely no beauty to be held here.

If you thought there was no hope for your child’s awful, awful artwork, just wait. Did you know there’s an actual Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)? Located just outside the men’s room in the basement of a community theater in Dedham, Mass., the MOBA is “dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms and in all its glory.”

Lest you feel sorry for the artists whose work is on display, MOBA’s Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director tells Babble, “We’ve found that artists want to communicate. They want an audience. Once they realize that we value and celebrate works in our collection, most are pleased to be included. Evidence of that is that many artists submit their own work.”

(And lest you think the MOBA is a joke, this is their response: “This institution works long and hard at building the finest bad art establishment in the world. We take our mission very seriously. Frankly, we are shocked and indignant at your derisive innuendo.”)

Take a look at some of their god-awful gems, which should give hope to children with no talent everywhere that someday, maybe their art, too, can be hung alongside such (master)pieces of crap:


  • Museum of Bad Art 1 of 16

    Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there's no beauty to be held here.

  • Sunday on the Pot with George 2 of 16

    "Can the swirling steam melt away the huge weight of George\'s corporate responsibilities? This pointillist piece is curious for meticulous attention to fine detail, such as the stitching around the edge of the towel, in contrast to the almost careless disregard for the subject\'s feet."

  • Mama and Babe 3 of 16

    "The flesh tones bring to mind the top shelf liqueurs of a border bistro. With an astonishing emphasis on facial bone structure, the artist flirts with caricature and captures features of Mama\'s face which remind us of a Presidential candidate. The upright marionettish pose of the babe hints that the early bond between mother and child is as formal as it is familiar. Good old fashioned parental respect is at the center of this celebration of color and contour."

  • Madonna & Child III 4 of 16

    "A work of undisputed tenderness which places the spiritual above the physical through careful disregard for details of the human form."

  • Jerez the Clown 5 of 16

    "A perfect depiction of pure evil in the guise of childhood\'s friend. This blending of big top themes with a piercing study of the dark side of human nature, elevates the well worn clown genre to a new and exhilarating level."

  • Peter the Kitty 6 of 16

    "Stirring in its portrayal of feline angst. Is Peter hungry or contemplating his place in a hungry world? The artist has evoked both hopelessness and glee with his irrational use of negative space."

  • Mana Lisa 7 of 16

    "Mana Lisa's nose strikes nimbly, offsetting the dialogue between the foreground and profoundly varnished background."

  • The Athlete 8 of 16

    "A startling work, and one of the largest crayon on canvas pieces that most people can ever hope to see. The bulging leg muscles, the black shoes, the white socks, the pink toga, all help to make this one of the most popular pieces in the MOBA collection."

  • Sad Baby 9 of 16

    "Lost puppy? No one to play with? Nothing on TV? What sad fate has befallen this young beauty with the big red bow? Her life is so empty she must conjure an imaginary shelf on which to lean."

  • Two Trees in Love 10 of 16

    "A heartening painting which makes up for lack of realism with a surplus of symbolism. The cloud caught in the branches of the most prominent deciduous confirms the artist\'s vision of a world where dreams can be captured and landscapes tamed, if you only try hard enough."

  • Dog 11 of 16

    "A remarkable fusion of ski resort and wolf puppy -- stoical in his yellow-eyed silence, frozen beneath the ice-capped peak, Dog eloquently challenges the viewer to re-examine old concepts of landscape."

  • In the Cat’s Mouth 12 of 16

    "A comment on issues of power as experienced by those who dwell with feline pets. Is the artist consumed with or consumed by his love for this cat? Does he identify with the personality of the startling animal? Does the similarity between these inseparable cohabitants stop short at the nose? Or is he simply trying to observe a tree-lined avenue through a cat's eyes?"

  • Sad Teenage 13 of 16

    "A young woman is portrayed lying on her stomach with her hands on her chin and her legs kicking in the air in this portrait of "teenage ennui". She seems to have no joie de vivre. She also has no pants."

  • Blue Lady with iPod 14 of 16

    "All you need is love..."

  • Queen of the Chocolate Chip 15 of 16

    "The piece comments on the incongruity of royalism at the close of the second millennium. The formality of the pose contrasts with the laissez-faire attitude of Her Majesty, caught mid-chew, as she sports a jaunty beret in preference to her emerald encrusted crown. We are, in fact, amused."

  • He Was a Friend of Mine 16 of 16

    "Who else thinks it's a good idea to eat from my bowl?"


All images and descriptions used with permission from the Museum of Bad Art

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