Hilarious "What If Adults Had Tantrums Like Toddlers?" Video TOTALLY Nails It! (Video)


mailBuzzfeed totally nailed it with their new video, which has “viral” written all over it. The clip, What If Adults Had Tantrums Like Toddlers?, is short but sweet, clocking in at 1 minute and 14 seconds of hilarious and oddly accurate acting.

In the video, a grown woman reacts to getting her mail, getting stuck in traffic, having computer issues, and not getting soy in her latte in a way that a only a toddler would — in pure, unfiltered angst and emotion.

When my own daughter was a toddler and would fling her body to the ground, scream out, or react completely irrationally, I would often think to myself, “What if I did that?” Would I be glared at by strangers, would the cops be called, would medics pump me full of Ativan and/or Zoloft? There is something so incredibly intense about a toddler’s reactions to everyday situations, the reality of children who have yet to learn how to control the expression of their feelings.

Seeing a grown woman react the same way a child would may be pretty hilarious, but it also highlights the pettiness of the situations that push toddlers over the edge. And the filmmakers pose a poignant question at the end: “When do you act like a toddler?”

Check out the video right here:

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