Hillary Clinton Calls Chelsea's Wedding "The Most Important Activity in My Life"

Never mind that nasty North Korea stuff. Hillary Clinton’s got bigger priorities.

In a cringe-inducing interview on Chinese TV earlier this week, the former first lady and current U.S. Secretary of State prattled on about daughter Chelsea’s upcoming summer wedding to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky calling it, “the most important activity in my life now.”

Just to recap where the United States is in the world as of press time: Our troops are dying almost daily in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our relationship with North Korea and Iran can be charitably described as tense. The European economy is cratering, with debt plagued second tier Eurozone countries playing a game of “Tag, You’re It,” to decide whose sovereign debt woes are going to draw the attention of global stock markets on any given day.

Really, Madame Secretary? Your daughter’s wedding is the most important event in your life right now?

Now, unlike Suzi Parker over at AOL’s Politics Daily, I don’t believe this for a single solitary second. I chalk this ridiculous statement off to Hilary Clinton’s occasional tone-deaf attempts to soften herself for public consumption. You would think, after almost two decades in the public spotlight, Clinton would know better. Whenever she tries to appeal to the hoi polloi, all she does is succeed in reminding us that she’s got a tin ear when it comes to political public relations. (Remember, “I could have stayed home and baked cookies?” I do and I hate to cook.)

First, Clinton played to the Bridezilla stereotype, something that is starting to seem so last decade as survey data shows spending on weddings has decreased dramatically since the current recession began in late 2007.

But even worse, Clinton succeeded in making herself and by extension the rest of us — seem less than serious. I don’t know about you, but at a time of extreme global tension the last thing I need to even think about is whether our Secretary of State is sitting at her desk, wondering whether the fall in the Euro will somehow affect the prices of peonies vs. peruvian lilies and how that is going to impact her planned table arrangements for Chelsea’s big day.

There is, however, another way to view this incident. In a helpful public service, Clinton also explained to her Chinese audience what a bridal shower is and how it works.  Perhaps her comments should simply be viewed as an attempt to pump up the world economy by promoting the American wedding industry to the wider world, encouraging more people to get out of their houses, be they in Beijing or Boise, and buy a few extra gifts for the happy couple in their lives.

What do you think?

Photo: Public Domain

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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