Hillary Clinton is Awesome and Loves Texts from Hillary

Hillary Clinton, with Adam Smith and Stacey Lambe, the creators of Texts from Hillary.

Last week a Tumblr of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton texting went viral. And just to prove that she’s a total bad ass in expensive sunglasses in real life, too – she met with the creators of the meme and sent them a submission.

The meme that she sent them was posted earlier today.  While her submission was hilarious, it didn’t exactly sound like it was from the real Hillz. I mean, would Hillary Clinton actually write something like: “sup Adam? nice selfie, Stace. :)”?

So the interwebz started to think maybe it was a fake.  BUT IT WASN’T. Proving her total awesomeness, the Tumblr’s creators later tweeted and posted photographic evidence that the former First Lady was in on the joke and down with the whole thing.

The picture of her with Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe (the DC-area communications professionals who started the Tumblr) is on the left.  The photo of meme that she submitted to them (or maybe had someone submit for her) is below.  She even signed it: “Thanks for the many LOLZ – Hillary HILLZ”.

Hillary Clinton for the win.

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