Hippy Baby Names


Tye Dye BabyIn honor of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, here are some “hippy baby names.”

The most popular names are certainly classifiable as “hippy” or “hippy-ish” or “hippy-esque.” Whatever you want to call them. I’m talking about Rainbow, Sunshine, Rain. Sky, Willow, Flower. Moon Beam. Others are less popular, but obvious if you think about it. Fillmore. Dharma. Paisley. (“OK, we’re going to take a bong hit and close our eyes. The first thing we see when we open our eyes, that’s what we’re naming the baby… *pfff* Paisley… cool…”)

But Emmanuel? Christian? Those I wouldn’t have pegged as “hippy names.”

Note that all of this list is hardly scientific. It’s from a site called Which I suppose could be the official web site of all things Hippy. But I doubt it.

Peace and love. Peace and love.

Image: Fossilwear1985, where you can get some tye dye baby clothes. For more, visit Dude.