Holiday Gratitude: What I'm Grateful For In Light Of Hurricane Sandy

Holiday Gratitude: What I'm Grateful For In Light Of Hurricane Sandy via Babble
The aftermath

Everywhere you go in my neighborhood, which was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, you hear a story about the storm. It seems that we just cannot stop talking about it, and desperately need to share our stories. The phrase “everyone has a story” has never been more apparent.

One of the things you hear a lot is how we are going through the motions of the holidays and doing our best to keep our kids’ celebrations festive and memorable, but that this year is just not the same. It’s true. It’s not. In a way, I feel bad for celebrating when so many people are distraught. (Check out this video that details the many ways that my neighborhood was affected.)

Yet another common theme when we tell our stories are the many ways we are thankful. For us personally, it’s how just our basement was destroyed, how we were all kept safe somehow, and how others have it so much worse.

Like many children, my son has been assigned to keep a gratitude journal this holiday season. As I ponder daily with him what he is grateful for, I started mentally ticking off the things I am so very grateful this holiday season in light of Hurricane Sandy.

Then I decided to write them down…




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