Hollywood's How-To for Laboring Moms


birknockedChildbirth is dramatic enough without getting left behind by an overzealous husband, ala I Love Lucy, or having your partner’s stoner friend walking in just in time to see the baby crowning like in Knocked Up.

But according to Hollywood, when your nine months are up and baby is ready to be born, any number of things could happen.

Your water could break on your best friend’s ex-fiance’s feet. You’ll probably start screaming at anyone who gets near you, especially your partner who has suddenly gone from trust-worthy and reliable to bumbling and self-absorbed. And when it’s all over, all of your sweat and tears will magically turn to clean hair and lipstick as you cuddle your perfectly formed newborn baby.

New York Magazine has a fabulous collection videos, A Helpful Mother-to-Be’s Guide to Giving Birth in a Sitcom or a Movie. If you plan on giving birth on screen, here’s your tutorial. Real-life parents — just sit back and laugh.

Here’s the first, click the link above to see the whole collection.

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