Honda Fit Recall Involves 97,000 Cars

honda fit recall
97,000 Honda Fits are being recalled.

Consumer Reports just announced that “Honda is recalling over 97,000 Fits from model years 2009-2010 to replace the lost motion springs.”  There have been no injuries or deaths related to the problem, but the “defective springs may bend or break resulting in engine noise and could cause the vehicle to stall.”

Reportedly, owners will be contacted by Honda to bring their vehicle in to a dealership for repair in early March, but I’d recommend being proactive and contacting your dealer directly.  I was told in October that I’d be contacted by Evenflo when my brand new booster seat was recalled, and I still haven’t been sent the upgraded part.  Strollerderby blogger Heather Turgeon covered the 80,000 piece car seat recall earlier this week, and with so many recalls happening so frequently, there was talk around these parts as to whether or not recalls are really necessary, or at least whether or not all of them are necessary.

Do you think manufacturers are overreacting to small problems and not focusing on the truly big issues, like removing lead from children’s items for example?  Or would you rather know about the possibility of a defective spring in your car, even if it was harmless?  Personally, I’d rather err on the side of caution, which is why I bought one of the safest small cars on the market, the Kia Soul.  (Which I love by the way – bangin’ light up sounds system, hamsters and all!)  If you’d like to check your car’s safety rating, click here.

For more information on the Honda Fit recall, call 1-800-999-1009 option 4 or visit:


source: consumer reports

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