Honesty Is NOT Always The Best Policy: Do You Tell Your Husband White Lies?

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Admit it.  You’ve done it.  You didn’t ‘fess up when he asked if those shoes were new.

Or if you ate the last piece of cheesecake.  You might have even blamed the kids (gasp!).

Do you tell the truth when he asks if he’s changed at all since you met 18 years ago?

Better yet… do you want HIM to tell YOU the cold, hard truth when you playfully ask the same thing?

I have to admit….  I think a little of this white-lying business is just fine in any relationship.  I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of a ‘playfully honest’ (“so what do I do that annoys you?”) conversation that can easily nose-dive from playful to downright hurtful.  And once that ‘honesty’ comes out…. there is no taking it back.

So…play along.  What white lies have you told or do you tell?

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