Hooray Hooray! The Muppets Are Coming Back to the Silver Screen! [VIDEO]

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At long last... A NEW MUPPET MOVIE!

If you’re in your 30s, chances are you spent a lot of time watching The Muppet Show as a kid.  And if you’re like me, you’ve shared your love of all things Kermit and Piggy with your child via YouTube.  There are lots and lots of episodes of the original Muppet Show posted all over the site, as well as tons of brilliant new videos involving your favorite old characters on the Muppets Studio page.

In the most recent video uploaded by the Muppets Studio – now a Disney company – the camera pans on the Hollywood sign as a voiceover from Kermit timidly suggests, “We’re trying to get the old gang back together again.”  Fozzy replies, nervously, “We haven’t done this in a long time.”  Gonzo says, reassuringly, “Your fans haven’t left you, the world hasn’t forgotten!  Sure it’s impossible, but we gotta try!”

And try they will, to win over a new generation of children and their already adoring parents, when The Muppets hits the silver screen this Thanksgiving.

The Muppets’ human stars are Amy Adams and Jason Segel, who co-wrote the film.  Here’s the official trailer, and some hilarious parody trailers below:

Are you ready for MUPPET DOMINATION?!  I. Can’t. Wait.

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Source and movie poster: Fandango