Hot Lego Action! Amazing Time Lapse Video of a Car Being Made Entirely of Legos (Video)

A Ford Explorer Made Out of Legos!

If you have kids you know one undeniable fact. Kids love Legos. Kids love Legos…a lot. And the bigger, the crazier,  the more outrageous the assembly of the Legos is, the more and more impressed the kids are. The existence of Lego Land is a tribute to that love of magnificent masterpieces of Legodom. But one thing that we all think — young and old — is how in the hell did they do that?!?

This time lapse video that we found via will give a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes when master builders are at work to create one of those giant Lego creations — in this case a life-sized Ford Explorer. Many hands, many hours and over 380,000 little plastic blocks were used to build this enormous tribute. And you can see how it all came to be in just 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Check out the super cool video right here, your kids will love it!

Image: Via YouTube


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