Housework Is Totally Hot!


Think washing the dishes after dinner is killing the mood in your marriage? Not so, says science. A new study in the Journal of Family Issues reveals that married folks who both work outside the home and do more household labor also get it on more often than those who work less or blow off chores.

The message, as one of the lead researchers put it, is that those who work hard play hard. Sweet.

So next time you’re looking to spice things up with your sweetie, consider an evening of vaccuming the family room, dusting the cabinets and finally settling in for some good old fashioned spoon polishing.

Seriously, I do not know where these scientists found their research subjects. Not at my house, where my husband and I frequently flirt after dinner and make saucy plans to meet up in the bedroom, “just as soon as I finish this chore”. Four hours later the bills are paid, the dishes are done, the lunches are packed, and we both stagger to bed like domesticated zombies.

Housework: not a turn on.

What’s your take? Do you and your husband find time to get intimate in the midst of careers and housework? Do those things bring you closer, or cut into your time together in a big way?

Photo: Melissa Ann Barrett