How a Fetus Gets Its Face [VIDEO]


Thank you, technology, for giving us a window into so many previously unknown aspects of the world. Of all the new frontiers we can now understand in a whole new way, I think my favorite may be the human body.  Computer Generated Imagery allows us to visualize things that were impossible to imagine (for those of us who haven’t been to med school).

One of the coolest things I have seen yet: a simulation of the development of the human face in utero. With real fetal photographs as source material, the BBC show Creation “takes viewers on a voyage through the workings of the inner human universe” . The video below uses CGI to create many models of the human face at various stages of growth.  Then, they created a time lapse animation so you can see months of development in just seconds, watching the fetus grow from that shrimp-like alien creature, through some really weird looking phases, eventually morphing into that beautiful baby face we find so irresistible.

It all starts with the Philtrum, that little indentation between your nose and your mouth…

It happens pretty fast…but you can see the faces as screen grabs in succession here.

BBC: Inside the Human Body
photo: HugoD/flickr

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