How Babies Incite Murder … Mysteries


images2There’s a story in the San Francisco Chronicle about a former cop who turns writer and pens a murder mystery called the Bone Chamber. On its face, it seemingly has little to do with kids and family life.

But I can’t stop chuckling at the motivation behind the book. When writer Robin Burcell was pregnant with child No. 1, she took up romance writing because that’s where her head had always been, she explained.

And then … she had twins.

“Needless to say, after that there wasn’t much romance left in my life,” she said. “When I started writing again, it was murder and mayhem on my mind.”


This is my biggest fear about having a second child — suddenly and accidentally having three. I’m sure all those sleepless nights would definitely inspire epic tales of mayhem and woe. Please, tell me it’s not so bad … 

Mike @ Cry It Out!