How Do You Help YOUR Kids Handle Mean Kids? (video)


I thought I was doing a pretty good job with this whole back-to-school thing.  You might even say I was secretly patting myself on the back….  lunches made – check! Uniforms clean – check! School paperwork turned in – check! Kids ON TIME for school – check!  And most importantly, these sweet little small people of mine – my big second grader and my brave kindergartner seemed to be having fun. It is a bit like winning the Mommy Lottery when you realize (or think) you may have things under control.

Until you don’t.

And then it isn’t fun at all.

Yesterday, my sweet small dude bounced his way up the sidewalk into our home, tagging behind his sister and eager to tell me about his day.  Except his day?  Wasn’t untarnished.

I was about to be introduced to his first encounter with being made fun of….

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